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Elder Abuse

As the elderly population continues to grow, so are the demands for qualified and honest care providers. Unfortunately, the elders are easy targets for the predator “care providers.” Most care providers are legitimate, however many are not. These predators learned their crafts while incarcerated in the penal system, passing information back and forth regarding the vulnerability of the elderly and how to take advantage of them.

Most care providers are hired via home care agencies or by simply through an ad in the newspaper or internet sites. Many are hired without any or inadequate background check. Many of the home care agencies employees are not trained in elder abuse. Many home care agencies do not routinely check in on the clients and doesn’t really know what to look for. Even when they find any sign of abuse, they will not report it due to the company liability. How would you know? Who will inform you? The result is elder abuse in the worst way.

There are three main types of elder abuse. The abuse can be physical, financial, or neglect. The worst case is all three combined. Most elderly are alone, away from other family members due to the passing of the spouse. Their children and other family members are working and raising family of their own. This makes them prime targets for these predators.

Many of the elders grew attached to their care providers. Many willingly gave their care providers money, jewelry, cars, and some even ended up marrying the care provider losing their life savings. Law enforcement and Adult Protective Services can only do so much due to the fact that the elder was a “willing participant” unless they can prove mental incapacity, and then they have to go through the legal process.

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